Contact the Bowman Boys

Contact the bowman boys

Consider Including Details About the Following:
  • Where is the stump located in your yard? (ex. within a landscaped bed? back yard? within a fence? close to a pool?)
  • Will underground utilities need to be marked to safely complete your job?
  • What do you intend to do in the area in which your stump once grew? Plant new grass seed? Install a replacement tree? Dig a foundation for a house or driveway?

Our Stump-Free Customers Have This To Say

"We received a quote within two hours of our initial request, and the work was done within 24 hours altogether.  They were very professional, and their attention to all of the details, including returning our yard to its original condition, were top notch.  Hard to find such great service, especially at such a fair price!  We would recommend them to anyone.  Thank you."

- John G., of Avon


"I have used Bowman Boys Stump Removal for my personal property and for our neighborhood HOA. Always 100% pleased with their work."

- Paula B.


- Tree stump removal
- No job too big or too small
- Stumps ground 12”-24” below ground
- Surface roots removed
- Landscape tear-out/shrub/bush removal
- Storm damage

Corporate Headquarters:
2109 W County Road 50 S
Danville, IN 46122

Central Indiana: (317) 690-6700